PRGX Spain Inc., Sucursal en España, provides recovery audit and results-based transaction assurance services to leading companies in Spain. PRGX pioneered recovery audit over 40 years ago. We mine procure-to-pay data to detect lost profits resulting from overpayments, duplicate payments and vendors’ non-compliance with negotiated contract terms and conditions or internal policies. We then work with vendors on our clients’ behalf to recover the amounts due. 

When conducting a recovery audit, the auditor reviews the client’s data to identify overpayments and duplicate payments due to errors and helps to recoup those losses with low vendor abrasion. PRGX’s 350+ clients worldwide represent a diverse range of sectors and company sizes. Our professionals are experienced with most ERP environments and organizational structures and can rapidly and effectively identify and manipulate the required data files while respecting the policies and guidelines of each and every client.

Using proprietary software and proven auditing techniques, our auditors review accounts payable and procurement databases and the related invoices, purchase orders, buyer correspondence and shipping/receiving documents to identify lost profits due to overpayments or under-deductions. Our goal is to recover these profits quickly and efficiently, and to help clients improve their processes and reduce costs, while taking into account local practices and regulations.

PRGX Spain Inc., Sucursal en España, is a subsidiary of PRGX Global, Inc., the world leader in recovery audit and the pioneer of Profit Discovery™: the unique combination of audit, analytics and advisory services to improve client financial performance.
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