Accounts Payable Audit

Overpayments slipping through the cracks?

Whether outsourced or in-house, decentralized, or in a shared services center, large enterprise accounts payable operations manage millions of dollars in payments to thousands of vendors. These high volumes, combined with the need to keep up with ever-changing business conditions, can mean it’s nearly impossible to achieve 100% payment accuracy, even for AP managers who have implemented the strongest of controls. PRGX is here to help you beat the odds with an Accounts Payable audit.

PRGX’s accounts payable recovery audit service provides AP management with a highly effective control to recapture overpayments that are prone to slipping through the cracks. How? We audit payments on a historical or near real-time basis to discover and recover overpayments from duplicate payments, wrong vendor payments and missed cash discounts. We also solicit and audit vendor statements for missed credits, unapplied cash and other funds you’re owed.

Throughout the audit, we provide you with reports that highlight root causes of overpayments and – most important of all – practical recommendations to prevent them going forward.