Each global enterprise is served by a complex network of relationships, suppliers, contracts and millions upon millions of individual transactions that can be broken down into a vast system of data points–a web of virtual information spanning the globe.

For most, this immense system made up of terabytes and zetabytes is intangible, with a scale too grand to grasp.

This system is your global datasphere, and it is our universe.

It is in our DNA to turn vast amounts of data into the actionable insights that returns over $1 Billion to our clients’ bottom lines each year.

We are PRGX, and we live in the data, so you can thrive in it.

PRGX originated the concept of recovery audit forty years ago, and we have been immersed in our clients’ datasphere ever since. Our people are industry experts able to understand past impacts to the business, and how this information will shape the future.

We believe no other accounts payable recovery audit firm has the level of experience that PRGX does; we work in over 30 different countries with some 350 companies world-wide, and we currently have an estimated $1.2 trillion of client spend data in our environment from our recovery audit work.

We are taking that unique expertise to the next level; innovating our model and leveraging our recovery audit knowledge, analytic capabilities and client data to create more value for clients.




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