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Melbourne, Victoria | AU
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Job Description

Job Title: Audit Team Lead

Date: 2021

Division/Department: Recovery Audit


Reports to: Management

Service Line: Recovery Audit – Commissioned

Band: 4 – Sr Professional / Management

Zone: NA





Type of position:

☒ Full-time ☒Temporary

☒Part-time ☐Other

FLSA Status: Hours________ / week

☐Exempt ☒Not applicable





  • Customarily and regularly directs the work of at least 2 or more full-time employees.
  • Assists in maintaining appropriate staffing levels for the audit; leverage the resources and abilities of the audit team to maximize all recovery opportunities; assists in directing the work and processes of the team; provide consistent and contrastive feedback to help increase effectiveness at the audit.
  • Breaks project goals down into individual auditor goals; ensures that all assignments for the audit project team are distributed appropriately and that deadlines for the audit project team are met.
  • Tracks claim production and auditor productivity.
  • Makes audit projections for specific projects; meets claim generation targets for each project.
  • Ensures that all communications to the audit project team regarding the project are timely, accurate and thorough.
  • Interprets and validates client data and information.
  • Produces claims in accordance with client guidelines and PRGX procedures; meet regularly with client to review claim concepts.
  • Helps develop new audit concepts or procedures for team to ensure claim quality and consistency; applies audit concepts across entire audit.
  • Provides elevated level of contact for difficult vendor issues; negotiates outstanding claim issues with client vendors.
  • May participate in in pre-data calls, audit planning calls and other meetings as deemed necessary by audit management.
  • Works with audit management to determine data needs and to develop audit plan for projects; coordinate data needs with IT; collaborates on SQL and other data processes.
  • Provides timely updates of audit status and/or issues to audit management.
  • Documents audit process.
  • May help coordinate the buyer pull process with client.
  • Raises issues regarding problems that block individual or audit team effectiveness.
  • Supports implementation of best practices.
  • Provides guidance and helps train auditors and other staff; coordinates training and production of shared service and/or offshoring activities.

·       May maintain audit plan(s), scope parameters and due diligence information for the audit(s).




·       Excellent IT knowledge and working knowledge of Microsoft Office

·       Minimum of 4+ years professional business experience in Accounting/Auditing related work

·       Minimum of 2+ years in a client facing environment




Domain/Industry Knowledge & Focus

  • Overall understanding of the audit process end to end
  • Strong awareness of industry
  • Knowledge of target customer business and audit process
  • Understands the general business reasons for claim concepts
  • Familiar with key PRGX competitors


Data Analysis

  • Integrates information from the wider business and from external sources to inform decisions
  • Evaluates diverse, complex, conflicting data to find best way forward
  • Finds subtle trends in data and understands long-term impacts for clients and the business
  • Presents data in compelling manner, highlighting key messages
  • Works with audit team, client, and CDS to develop ad hoc reporting
  • Develops client-required reporting


Problem identification & Resolution

  • Finds multi-pronged solutions to complex problems with little support
  • Seeks and integrates information from wider business and external sources to inform decisions for their area of responsibility
  • Evaluates and integrates diverse, complex and at times conflicting information to identify the best way forward
  • Manages risks by weighing the potential implications of action versus no action
  • Challenges established thinking in constructive way
  • Encourages the exchange of new ideas


Claim Production & Quality

  • Effectively manages lower-level associate’s day-to-day activities
  • Effectively manages the team’s SLA
  • Provides reports on secondary exposure & recommends solutions
  • Checks work of others to ensure accuracy
  • Establishes processes and quality controls to minimize risk of common errors
  • Holds team accountable for quality
  • Provides meaningful input on claim production and quality to manage team member performance
  • Provides training to less experienced auditors and staff
  • Finds and implements process and procedure improvements related to team tasks


Client & Supplier Management

  • Finds opportunities to improve profitability of existing projects and accounts
  • Finds opportunities to grow business with new audit opportunities for existing clients
  • Effectively communicates in and contributes to client meetings to drive claim production
  • Understands key financial indicators for their accounts
  • Interfaces frequently with suppliers and client stakeholders to access data and documentation supporting audit needs
  • Effectively and efficiently manages suppliers through the audit process
  • Presents claims to clients and effectively supports development logic


People & Team Management

  • First to help lower levels solve difficult problems
  • Manages lower-level associates’ day-to-day activities
  • Encourages colleagues to support one another in the completion of their work
  • Encourages and listens to input from others
  • Shares information with relevant parties in a timely fashion
  • Leads by example
  • Provides on-the-job training to more junior colleagues
  • Provides consistent and constructive feedback to team members
  • Provides support and input for Performance Management process
  • Fosters a positive working environment
  • Helps lower levels to recognize and correct mistakes
  • Provide consistent and constructive feedback to help increase effectiveness of the audit
  • Identifies areas of improvement to help create efficiencies
  • Identifies when there are potential risks and problems that require escalation, and escalates appropriately





Maintains a Client Focus

·       Identifies client needs

·       Balances needs of clients, vendors, and PRGX in decisions

·       Maintains positive, professional relationships with key client contacts

·       Ensures team meets client needs with high level of service

  • Communicates client needs to team



Communicates with Impact

·       Self-confident and engages wide variety of audiences

·       Influences others effectively using multiple styles

·       Facilitates open free flow of info across stakeholders

·       Comfortable in complex, ambiguous and pressured situations, adapts communication accordingly

  • Encourages others to listen and value input


Motivates Others

·       Builds team engagement with local vision and strategy

·       Promotes enthusiasm on team

·       Adapts motivational strategies to individuals

·       Values and provides recognition

·       Inspires others to meet or exceed goals

·       Empowers with authority and latitude to accomplish goals

  • Takes an empathetic lens to how information might be received, and adapts communication accordingly



Displays Emotional Intelligence

·       Remains calm with pressures of leading a team

·       Keeps team members calm and focused

·       Encourages others to recover quickly from setbacks

·       Responds resourcefully to change and ambiguity

·       Aware of the impact of their emotions and reactions on those they lead, and manages their emotions accordingly

·       Builds trusting and supportive relationships with direct reports and colleagues

·       Role models positivity in the workplace, and encourages team members to see the positive in people, situations and events

  • Able to relate to many different types of people, sense their emotions, and consider their perspectives


Organizes & Prioritizes

·       Allocates staff and resources to meet business needs

·       Develops plans to meet team’s near- to mid-range goals

·       Provides clarity to others in regards to prioritizing

·       Prioritizes work so business needs are met

  • Quickly shifts priorities and plans based on changes


Takes Initiative

·       Takes responsibility for team’s performance

·       Takes decisive action in a crisis

·       Anticipates and proactively addresses issues that could impact client or business in mid-term

·       Accepts responsibility for the team’s mistakes, and takes steps to ensure they don’t happen again

·       Proactively takes action to help the organization meet broader goals

  • Incorporates new ideas into thinking



Drives for Results

·       Role models tenacity

·       Holds others accountable for delivering results

·       Sets challenging yet achievable goals, and encourages the team to deliver

·       Maintains energy when faced with high pressure situations and/or a heavy work load

  • Makes decisions to enhance the organization’s mid-term financial position


Manages Execution

·       Makes full use of available resources

·       Delegates and empowers effectively

·       Supports team by identifying and removing barriers to achieving goals

·       Coordinates work efforts within team

  • Identifies and provides needed resources and support


Provides Direction

·       Sets clear expectations that support team’s goals

·       Sets high standards and keeps team focused

·       Helps the team understand how their work supports business area’s strategy

  • Adapts leadership style to person or situation



Leads Change

·       Helps team understand need for change

·       Supports implementation of change on team

·       Identifies short-term business opportunities and the changes needed to bring opportunities to life

·       Monitors effectiveness of change initiatives

  • Seeks to understand and address resistance to change on the team


Coaches & Develops

·       Provides coaching & support to build current and future skills

·       Encourages colleagues to support each other to complete team’s work

·       Provides timely and constructive feedback to direct reports on work & behavior

·       Provides team members with challenging and motivating work

  • Provides space to make mistakes and learn from them



  • Employee Assistance Programme

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