Job Title: Auditor 
To provide recovery audit services of unparalleled quality to PRGX clients .  
To generate revenue for PRGX through the identification, validation and collection of client overpayments. 



The ideal candidate will be required to:  

• Perform recovery audits of client disbursement, procurement, tax and other processes/systems. 

•Perform due diligence necessary to validate recoveries and provide documentation necessary to facilitate timely collection of client funds. 

• Contact suppliers to confirm validations and follow up with suppliers to ensure collection. 

• Meet periodically with client contact(s) to provide information on audit findings and progress. 

• Prepare invoice requests to ensure timely billing of PRGX clients.

• Follow up with client to ensure payment of PRGX invoices. 

• Participate in meetings and client discussions relative to process improvement and PRGX’s valueadded reports and deliverables. 

• Prepare drafts of Narrative audit reports that summarize audit findings and recommendations.

• Provide periodic reports to management relative to historical and forecasted audit results.  


Other Duties and Responsibilities  

• Identify additional scope opportunities and work with operations to obtain client approval to pursue these areas. 

• Maintain cordial and constructive relationships with key client contacts.

• Provide periodic reports and other feedback to PRGX management relative to audit progress and any issues affecting client relationships. 

• Other duties as assigned. 




• Excellent understanding of business processes and principles and accounting transactions. 

• Ability to demonstrate initiative and work independently. 

• Strong verbal and written communication skills. 

 Working knowledge of Microsoft Office. 

• Good computer literacy and ability to learn new software.

• Working knowledge of basic business forms and documentation. 

• Outstanding skills in communicating via telephone. 

• Strong client relationship management skills. 

• Strong understanding of disbursement processes, systems, documentation and procedures. 

• Working knowledge of basic terms and conditions. 

• May be called upon to supervise other Auditors in a team audit environment. 

• Degree in business, accounting, finance, economics, computer science or other business discipline. 

• Minimum of 2 years of professional business experience. 

• Professional audit experience is preferred.