Role & Responsibilities 

·        Auditingaccounts payable data, data interpretation / data processing / dataunderstanding.

·        Assistsaudit operations by selecting vendors, reviewing transactions for various claimtypes and audit potential, and auditing claim types.

·        Reviewsclient information including contracts, invoices, purchase orders, shippingdocuments, and other documentation to identify potential audit opportunities.

·        Retrievesclient/buyer material/records, formally writes applicable claims, and maymanage claims through the approval process as directed by the auditor, seniorauditor or audit management

·        Assemblesclaims with appropriate supporting backup (electronic and paper) and submitsthe claim for processing.

·        Correspondswith the stakeholder for any question or explanation required; may facilitatethe resolution of major supplier/vendor issues for a favorable outcome; mayengage in discussions with stakeholder regarding the audit and disputeresolution process

·        Tracksaudit tasks which are assigned.

·        Contributesto the success of the organization by helping others accomplish job results;learning new skills needed by the team; finding new ways to help the team.

·        Understandthe business, Customer requirements and Service Level Agreements

·        Follow all the organization’s policyand procedures

·        Followdefined standard operating processes and procedures for all deliverables

·        Accountablefor the quality and accuracy of the categories

·        Maintainand protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data as per DataProtection Act

·        Pro-activelyidentifying any issues with production and escalate it immediately to ImmediateSupervisor, to enable it to get resolve it on time

·         Develop andsustain relationships with both internal and external customers