About PRGX

PRGX is a business analytics and information services firm pioneering a new suite of services called Profit Discovery™. The focus of Profit Discovery™ is improving our clients’ financial performance via a combination of audit, analytics and advisory services. The core capabilities used to deliver these services include data mining, procure-to-pay business process expertise, and our knowledge of finance operations.

  • Audit – For the last 40 years PRGX has remained the world leader in recovery lost profits with nearly €1 Billion in recoveries for our clients for each of the last 5 years.  Most large businesses in transaction-intensive industries unknowingly leave money on the table across the procure-to-pay process. Our audit teams find payment errors that, in aggregate, represent significant amounts of cash delivered back to a client’s bottom line. PRGX audits a diverse set of transactions in Accounts payable, Merchandise & Goods NFR, Healthcare claims, Taxes, Property and telecommunications.  Services are provided on a contingency and/or fee basis.
  • Analytics – Over the last four decades PRGX has become an expert in our clients’ data and has subsequently built data reporting analytical tools (e.g. APTrax, SpendTrax, FraudTrax) specifically focused to provide our client’s accurate information to enable them to make cost saving, metric driven decisions relating to efficiencies in finance, merchandising and supply chain operations.  Our tools enable organizations to gain granular level visibility into their spend data, while also offering unprecedented reporting clarity. The services helps ensure savings are identified, risk is better managed and financial processes are improved.
  • Advisory – During the post audit process, PRGX has been providing our clients with process and system recommendations that have been identified during course of the recovery audit.  Even though these recommendations have been useful, and have enabled clients to close many processing gaps related to their pricing systems, deal entry and AP Departments, we have found that our clients can benefit from our experience working with their systems in a new way.  Our advisory services offer extensive fact-based problem-solving skills, deep functional expertise, and the practical hands-on approach of a team that already knows how to get things done in your company.  We help clients make substantial improvements to gross margin, SG&A expenses, and asset/capital utilization.

Purpose of the role

You will be responsible for carrying out audit reviews on supplier accounts and to identify, validate and recover monies on behalf of the client.  You will be responsible for ensuring that you are consistently achieving set targets and working to set policies and procedures when reviewing supplier accounts and recovering monies on the clients behalf.  You will be expected to manage your work in progress and manage satisfactory resolutions to outstanding monies.

The ideal candidate would have excellent client facing and communication skills and ideally have an understanding of recovery audit or internal audit concepts and processes.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform recovery audits of client disbursement, procurement, tax and other processes/systems.
  • Perform due diligence necessary to validate recoveries and provide documentation necessary to facilitate timely collection of client funds.
  • Contact suppliers to confirm validations and follow up with suppliers to ensure collection.
  • Meet periodically with client contact(s) to provide information on audit findings and progress.
  • Prepare invoice requests to ensure timely billing of PRGX clients.
  • Follow up with client to ensure payment of PRGX invoices.
  • Participate in meetings and client discussions relative to process improvement and PRGX’s value-added reports and deliverables.
  • Prepare drafts of Narrative audit reports that summarize audit findings and recommendations.
  • Provide periodic reports to management relative to historical and forecasted audit results.
  • Identify additional scope opportunities and work with operations to obtain client approval to pursue these areas.
  • Maintain cordial and constructive relationships with key client contacts.
  • Provide periodic reports and other feedback to PRGX management relative to audit progress and any issues affecting client relationships.