· Enables a DevOps culture by working with existing Development and IT Infrastructure teams, bridging informational and procedural gaps

· Plans and executes the design, implementation, and automation of solution delivery

· Troubleshoots application deployments on enterprise container, server and cluster environments

· Works with IT security to ensure environments comply with the appropriate security controls

· Supports development groups by facilitating and troubleshooting automated software builds

· Works with QA groups to automate testing processes and integrate these tests into solution delivery processes

· Monitors delivery pipelines and works with development teams; responds with troubleshooting, resolution or escalation

· Documents details of the processes developed and works with DevOps Manager to cross-train with teammates

· Evaluates, recommends and implements tooling solutions to address CI/CD requirements

· Working knowledge of Java applications, for purposes of troubleshooting CI/CD processes

· Junior administrator level familiarity with RHEL Linux, Windows Server, and VMware vSphere

· Deploys, administers, and supports Ansible scripts on Ansible Tower

· Creates and troubleshoots CI/CD jobs in Jenkins using Ruby / Groovy script in pipelines and multibranch pipelines

· Works with pre-existing Jenkins freestyle jobs, with goal of converting to pipeline jobs in groovy script

· Administers GitHub repositories, ensuring compliance with DevOps standards

· Develops and implements code quality and unit testing gates as part of the solution delivery process using SonarQube

· Deploys, monitors and troubleshoots containerized infrastructure environments using Docker / Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift

· Ability to leverage scripting languages such as Bash / Shell, Python, Perl, PowerShell, VBScript, etc., to automate repetitive task and reduce human error

· Able to communicate effectively with peers, management, and internal customers as needed

· Possesses strong analytical and problem-solving skills

· Protects organization’s value by adhering to company data protection standards

· Documents actions by completing forms, reports, logs and records and developing new documentation as needed

· Results oriented individual, with the ability to work independently on planning and implementation of large-scale, complex technical solutions in a highly dynamic and fast-paced environment with minimal management supervision

· Contributes to the success of the organization by focusing on customer needs and working with others to accomplish common goals, learning new skills needed by the team, and continuously finding new ways to improve the individual and team’s ability to deliver