Experience: 6 to 7 years

Job responsibilities:

1. Understanding the PRGX environment – upon hire

a.  Learn the different departments and its interactions with IT Infrastructure

b.  Understand the various groups within IT Infrastructure

c.  Understanding the US mail process

d.  Knowledge of executives and their roles

e.  Submit your weekly work time in Peoplesoft in a timely manner

2. Monthly invoice processing

a.   Process invoices – add to telecom invoice folder

b.   Follow-up with vendors – create vendor list

c.   Open credit request/trouble shooting tickets

d.   Resolve payment issues, working with Accounts Payable.

e.   T-Mobile and ATT online account access

f.    ATT, T-Mobile account access

g.   Invoice faxed…due to Covid19 for processing by Miriam Bubniak

h.   Monthly invoice tracking/updating

i.    Accounts payable team interactions: Theresa Franklin/Miriam Bubniak

j.    Payroll- Gina Marcy and Kelly Carlson

3. Support queue ticket handling – Jira

a.   Follow-up on internal support issues -access to support queue

b.   Close termination tickets

c.   Cancel mobile services/ if applicable

4. Polycom device management/phone accessories

a.   Onsite desk phones at various sites

b.   Polycom licenses

c.   Headset order processing and shipping

d.   Headset assessment

5. Conference room management

a.   On site TV and Polycom conferencing device management

b.   Set-up for large meetings

c.   Executive support (technical meetings)

6. Wireless device support

a.    Answer how to questions

b.    Order new devices

c.    Upgrade existing devices

d.    Trouble-sheet device/service issues

e.    Wireless data card support

                  i. Order new devices

                  ii. Trouble-shoot issues

                  iii. Cancel services due to employee termination

7. Microsoft tools

a     Understanding of Teams and its use

b.    Excel, Word and PowerPoint applications

c.    Windows functionality

d.    Liaise with Internal networking team as needed

8. Contact center support – Five9 environment

a.    Password resets

b.    Varied user support

c.    Monitor maintenance notifications/outages

d.    Escalation to Garnett when needed

9. Retarus – Cloud faxing

a.    Assign user accounts

b.    Learn the environment

c.    Contact support when needed

d.    Resolve open tickets

e.    Back up Troy Hutchinson, the primary support person on this tool