IDC’s data analysis around Deduction Management

Automating the Supplier Deduction Management Process

How Best-in-Class Retail Leaders Are Driving Cost & Risk Out of Their Supplier Base

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Best-in-class retailers are driving cost and risk out of the deduction management process by applying analytics-driven deduction management software. When retailers pay their suppliers, there is often limited or no visibility into the support of payment adjustments, and the resulting downstream process to address disputes and claims becomes a necessary but non-value-added effort. Deduction management processes related to suppliers have historically been manual, often considered tedious, and are laborious and slow, and as supplier networks expand and the speed of global business quickens, the inefficiencies inherent in these manual systems slow growth and negatively impact profitability. This white paper examines automated deduction management software and the benefits, challenges, and trends retailers typically experience when it is applied

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