Alicia joined PRGX in 2008 as Vice President, Global Privacy and Security. Given our expanding global business, recent changes to privacy legislation, specifically GDPR, and the critical importance of data protection to our company and our clients, Alicia has recently been named Vice President, Global Privacy, Security, and Data Governance. In her new role, Alicia will take on additional strategic data governance responsibilities as well as continue to manage and enhance PRGX’s best-in-class privacy and security programs.

Prior to joining PRGX, Alicia was with Home Depot for nine years and was responsible for building the company’s privacy program from ground zero. Alicia has significant experience in managing privacy, security, compliance and operational risks with large retail, healthcare, financial and professional services related industries, and has demonstrated a consistent track record and ability to establish and maintain enterprise vision, strategy and programs to ensure information assets are adequately protected.

Alicia received a Bachelor of Industrial & Systems Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Mercer University.