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We believe no other accounts payable recovery audit firm audits more industry leaders in more countries and identifies and recovers more overpayments than PRGX. In fact, we process, analyze and store an estimated $1.2 trillion in client spend data in our environment and recover over $1 billion annually for our clients around the globe.

Because we have a bird’s-eye view of some 350 global clients’ operations while at the same time our experts are immersed in your individual data and processes, we can provide clients with a view of their own item-level data in new and unique ways across time, business units and geographies. This gives us unique insights into your business not otherwise available that can help you deliver more value from your recovery audit process.

Our Product and Spend Analytics offerings provide you with the insights and visibility to buy better and reduce direct and indirect costs..



Our experience as recovery auditors puts PRGX in a unique position to help you buy better by using the knowledge, and advanced analytics we gain from our recovery audit work with you to provide the insights you need to help you negotiate better with suppliers.

With thousands of transactions a day and contracts and vendors that span the globe, we recognize that keeping track of what you spend and the funding you receive on individual items can be difficult.

PRGX can tell you that you have a net cost of $2 for widgets in the U.S. and $1.50 for the same product on the other side of the globe. Insights provided through our data aggregation, true cost, spend analytics and cost harmonization analytics, can help clients like you save up to 2-5% on costs of goods for resale



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