Recover Profits

Overpayments are inevitable in transaction intensive industries. PRGX originated the concept of recovery audit forty years ago, and we have been immersed in our clients’ datasphere ever since.

We believe our level of experience is unparalleled in the industry; we work in over 30 different countries with over 350 companies world-wide, and we currently recover over $1 billion in overpayments for clients each year.

We are taking that unique expertise to the next level; innovating our model and leveraging our recovery audit knowledge, analytic capabilities and client data to create more value for clients.



We have honed our global leadership and innovation edge during our 40 years in the business. No other accounts payable recovery audit firm audits more industry leaders in more countries and identifies and recovers more overpayments than PRGX. In fact, we process, analyze and store an estimated $1.2 trillion in client spend data in our environment and recover over $1 billion annually for our clients around the globe.

Being a truly global leader also requires ongoing innovation and delivering higher levels of value. PRGX was one of the first firms to apply technology-enabled audit techniques, and our innovation continues today. Global audit methodologies, maturity models that provide clients with a “roadmap” to best-in-class performance, next generation audit concepts, and our Big Data high-performance computing platform which accelerates audits closer, or prior, to payment, are just a few examples of how we are creating more value for clients from their recovery audit program.


At PRGX, we know supplier contracts inside and out. After all, we’ve reviewed thousands over the past 40+ years. Over time, we’ve observed the most costly errors are often related to contractual clauses governing or defining supplier self-reporting of information used in financial calculations.

It’s not just possible to mitigate these types of contractual risks and maximize supplier performance, it’s essential to your bottom-line. Contact us today; together, we’ll develop a proven, risk-based approach to identify the risks and opportunities hidden within your supplier contracts.



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