PRGX will be attending and speaking at the upcoming FMI Financial Executives Conference

Date: April 29 – May 1, 2018

Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Speaker: Tom Flynn, Vice President of Supplier Services will be presenting on The Hidden Costs of Deduction Management.

  • Speaking – We have a speaking slot on Monday, April 30 from 3-4:

The Hidden Costs of Deduction Management

Retail organizations incur significant internal resource costs to not only facilitate their payment processes, but to support the subsequent Deduction Management and Help Desk processes as well. In most environments, these processes can become manual, riddled with work arounds, and take time to reach resolution from stakeholders throughout the entire organization. The end result is a costly, time-consuming process for the both the retailers and their suppliers. Speakers: Tom Flynn – Vice President of Supplier Services, PRGX


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