PRGX clients:

With the developing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its potential effects, PRGX’s top priority is keeping our team and business partners safe and informed. To that end, I am reaching out to share some of the measures PRGX has taken to protect you and our employees.

First, I speak on behalf of the entire PRGX team in offering our deepest sympathies to those individuals and communities that have already been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Rest assured, we understand that this pandemic requires our full attention, and are committed to prioritizing the health and well-being of our employees, their families, our clients, and our communities.

While we are working with an unpredictable situation, PRGX’s business continuity plans are designed as a strong but flexible foundation upon which we can build out any necessary contingency plans in response to a variety of global and localized crises – with the end-goal of serving and supporting our clients’ business needs without interruption. When initial news reports of the coronavirus outbreak in China broke in mid-January, PRGX appointed a Coronavirus Task Force. This group began monitoring the situation as it evolved, evaluated the suitability of our business continuity plans for the situation at hand, implemented risk mitigation tactics specific to the impacted regions, and initiated the planning measures required to minimize potential impact to other regions.

The Task Force has since expanded to include a broader cross-functional team of executive and senior leadership team members, which is monitoring the situation on an on-going basis to ensure preparedness and adaptability in the 30+ countries where PRGX serves clients. In addition to relying on the pre-identified measures outlined in PRGX’s business continuity plans, this group is ensuring our business practices incorporate the varying guidelines set forth by the national and local governments and health agencies in each of the relevant jurisdictions.

The key Coronavirus Task Force recommendations that PRGX has adopted and implemented include:

  • Suspension of international business travel until further notice;
  • Restriction of domestic business travel until further notice;
  • Development of protocols for self-reporting, self-monitoring, and/or self-quarantining, when appropriate;
  • Education for employees and contractors regarding Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization recommendations for good personal and office hygiene;
  • Cancellation of our April 2020 client conference, PRGXchange™ Europe;
  • Roll-out of a comprehensive communication program, including internal and external stakeholders, such as clients and employees, to ensure consistent, reliable and timely information sharing;
  • Development and testing of remote working protocols in a multi-tiered model, and activation of remote working plans in appropriate instances.

Although we are navigating an unprecedented situation, we are confident that the hard work of our Coronavirus Task Force and employees will help ensure PRGX continues exceeding client expectations. We will continue assessing our systems and protocols to mitigate risks as this complex situation evolves.

I’ve asked your PRGX client account lead to liaise with you regarding how your company is addressing the COVID-19 crisis and identify how PRGX can best serve your needs during this time. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, or need additional assistance from PRGX, please contact your PRGX account lead.

We value our business relationship and are grateful for your partnership.


Ron Stewart


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