ATLANTA, Oct. 11, 2019 – PRGX Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRGX), a global leader in Recovery Audit and Spend Analytics services, held a webinar focused on “The Top 5 Ways to Prevent Overpayments” yesterday for accounts payable and shared services leaders.

PRGX audit manager Lisa Marley led the webinar and explored the top five ways that overpayments occur in a complex and changing AP landscape. Marley, a 20-plus year audit industry veteran, also offered solutions to these common overpayment occurrences, including:

  • Invoice number standardization;
  • Duplicate checks against ERP history;
  • Broad parameters for duplicate checks;
  • Rejected credits in e-invoicing systems; and
  • Periodic statement reviews.

“Avoiding overpayments is a critical element of any recovery audit program, particularly as companies look to retain capital for other projects and investments,” said Marley. “This webinar was an interactive discussion that provided actionable insights and solutions companies can employ to avoid falling into the overpayment trap.”

The webinar was open to AP, shared services and other finance leaders across multiple industries and highlighted effective methods for reducing profit leakage by avoiding overpayments.

For more information and download “The Top 5 Ways to Prevent Overpayments” webinar recording, visit


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PRGX Global, Inc. is a global leader in Recovery Audit and Spend Analytics services. With over 1,500 employees, the Company serves clients in more than 30 countries and provides its services to 80% of the top 15 global retailers and over 25% of the top 50 companies in the Fortune 500. PRGX delivers more than $1 billion in cash flow improvement for its clients each year. The creator of the recovery audit industry more than 40 years ago, PRGX continues to innovate through technology and expanded service offerings. In addition to Recovery Audit, the Company provides Contract Compliance, Spend Analytics and Supplier Information Management services to improve clients’ financial performance and manage risk. For additional information on PRGX, please visit



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