ATLANTA, April 7, 2020 – PRGX Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRGX), a global leader in Recovery Audit and Spend Analytics services, announced its white paper, “Contract Audit: The Power of Prevention” is available for download at

Supplier contract audits have traditionally focused on finding past billing errors and helping companies recover those funds. As contracts continue to evolve in an increasingly complex business environment, enhanced audit strategies are necessary to identify errors more quickly and prevent them in the future.

“Contract Audit: The Power of Prevention” offers procurement and finance professionals new strategies to expand the value of their audit program and recover lost profit faster. The white paper provides an overview of current industry trends and addresses:

  • How companies can move from a reactive to proactive contract audit program;
  • The origin of overpayment issues and how to identify and fix their root cause; and
  • Ways to mature contract audit programs and efficiently expand their scope.

“Implementing a traditional contract compliance program can help companies across industries ensure they are making the most of their supplier relationships,” said Sara Clark, Director of Product Management. “Contract compliance has traditionally focused on a reactionary approach, where dollars are recovered after the fact. Moving forward, businesses are adopting preventative, proactive contract compliance programs that capture and correct mistakes early on, so businesses continue to reap the benefits rather than a repeating cycle of error correction.”

In addition to the release of the white paper, PRGX hosted a webinar on “Contract Audit: The Power of Prevention” led by contract compliance experts Jon Daniells and Sara Clark. The webinar is available for download at

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