ATLANTA, March 12, 2020 – PRGX Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRGX), a global leader in Recovery Audit and Spend Analytics services, announced its latest ebook, “The Top 5 Ways to Prevent Overpayments.” The ebook is available for download at

Accounts payable (AP) and shared service professionals strive to identify overpayment errors. Identifying their root cause, however, is easier said than done. To help accounting teams manage an increasingly complex AP landscape, PRGX created an ebook outlining the most common causes of overpayments, including:

  • Invoice numbering flaws;
  • Duplicate invoices;
  • Payment criteria and parameters;
  • Rejected credits; and
  • Infrequent accounts receivable reviews.

The ebook also offers suggestions to help accounting teams mitigate these causes of overpayments.

In addition to the release of this ebook, PRGX hosted a webinar on the top five ways to prevent overpayments led by audit manager Lisa Marley. The webinar is available for download at

“As companies increasingly integrate technology into their day-to-day operations, accounting professionals are reviewing and analyzing more data than ever before,” said Marley. “It is critical that accounting teams have complete visibility into their data and where potential errors are occurring, otherwise, minor issues may become major problems down the road.”


About PRGX

PRGX helps companies spot value in their source-to-pay processes that other sophisticated solutions didn’t get to before. Having identified more than 300 common points of leakage, we help companies reach wider, dig deeper, and act faster to get more value out of their source-to-pay data. We pioneered this industry nearly 50 years ago, and today we help clients in more than 30 countries take back $1.2 billion in annual cash flow. It’s why 75% of top global retailers and a third of the largest companies in the Fortune 500 rely on us. For additional information on PRGX, please visit



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