ATLANTA, May 28, 2020 – PRGX Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRGX), a global leader in Recovery Audit and Spend Analytics services, announced its recent webinar, “The Hidden Benefits of Profit Recovery: How to Yield Cash, Recover Profits and Boost Your Bottom Line,” is now available for viewing.

Profit leakage can occur regardless of an organization’s size, complexity or internal processes. Therefore, a key goal for finance professionals is identifying the root cause of that leakage, bringing profit back to their organization’s bottom line and minimizing the future impact of that leakage. In addition to being a best practice, recovery audit helps finance professionals align their team and evaluate internal controls to stop profit leakage before it occurs.

The webinar, hosted by PRGX’s Vice President of Business Development Pete Battista and Director of Product Management Zach Braford, addresses why accounts payable recovery audit is a vital tool to boost companies’ bottom lines, overcome common challenges and implement a successful audit strategy.

“Accounts payable recovery audit is an essential, proven tool for finance professionals to increase working capital and recapture lost profit,” said Battista. “Not only do recovery audits yield cash, they also provide insight and analysis to improve internal processes and governance.”

In addition to the webinar, PRGX’s latest white paper, “Uncovering the Hidden Benefits of an AP Recovery Audit,” is also available for download. The white paper offers finance professionals tools and strategies to recover cash, pinpoint systematic problems and address those issues. Including AP recovery audit examples from the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, the whitepaper also explains:

  • The expanding role and importance of AP recovery audits;
  • Common challenges finance professionals face throughout the recovery audit process;
  • The optimal time to audit and tips for outsourcing recovery audits; and
  • Best practices for a successful, forward-looking AP recovery audit.

“The value of an AP recovery audit extends well beyond the profit leakage identified and recaptured,” said Tony Massanelli, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations at PRGX. “Recovery audits yield actionable insights that drive continuous improvement and minimize future profit loss.”

The webinar, which was hosted on May 12, is available here: The white paper is available for download at


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