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“Beyond Recovery: Unlocking the Full Value of your Contract Compliance Program”

Successful AP recovery audits can amount in millions affecting the bottom-line, but businesses don’t always know that as result other significant benefits can also be generated. While contracts are the glue that bind transactions between buyers and suppliers, it is vital for buyers to maximize the value negotiated during sourcing and that suppliers deliver on the value they promised.

Research shows that Best-in-Class contract compliance programs can drive greater on-contract spend, reduce risk, and improve supplier performance while helping companies to preserve more savings and value. These insights will prove that implementing a contract compliance program can help you leverage your post-payment recovery audit; turning your results into a value creation strategy.

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  • Best-in-Class contract compliance programs
  • Building on recovery audit results
  • Value creation opportunities
  • Enhancing your contract compliance
  • Items to check off – Execution, Enablement, Management

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