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“Procurement 2022: Big Trends and Predictions”

Procurement 2022

At the start of 2022, procurement’s long-term future remains bright, even if things look challenging in the near-term. The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a long shadow over business and society, and CPOs and their teams will have their work cut out for them if they are going to climb out from under it. Preparation, agility, and an ability to drive value from data will be central to may procurement organizations as they advance through the year.

This report presents the BIG trends in procurement over the last few years and makes a series of equally BIG predictions for 2022 that will help procurement leaders and their teams understand the key issues at hand and better prepare for them in the year ahead.

Read more in our latest PRGX sponsored, Ardent Partner’s report that dives into these BIG trends:

  • COVID’s Impact Continues
  • Inflation is Here for the Duration of 2022
  • Everything Depends on the Supply Chain
  • Digital Transformation: Top CPO Priority
  • Procurement’s Increasing Focus and Use of Data

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