ATLANTA, May 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PRGX Global, Inc. (Nasdaq:PRGX), the world’s leading provider of accounts payable recovery audit services and the pioneer in Profit DiscoveryTM, announced today it ranks 30th in this year’s InformationWeek Elite 100. InformationWeek announced the 2015 InformationWeek Elite 100 at its April 27-28 conference in Las Vegas. To make the InformationWeek Elite 100, an organization must demonstrate a pattern of technological, procedural, and organizational innovation, as judged by InformationWeek editors.


“We are honored to be recognized by InformationWeek as number 30 of the top 100 business technology innovators in the U.S. for our HIgh PERformance data processing platform (“HIPER”),” said Ron Stewart, president and chief executive officer of PRGX. “This technology platform coupled with our proprietary audit tools dramatically reduces the time required to process structured and unstructured datasets, enabling us to provide significantly higher value service to our clients,” said Stewart. “We believe the HIPER platform positions PRGX as the industry leader in accelerating the audit process, enables significant new value creating capabilities, and demonstrates that we continue to lead the industry in innovation,” Stewart concluded.


“Gone are the days IT could run as an entity unto itself. If IT isn’t part of product development, or marketing, or customer service, your company risks falling behind in the era of digital business. At InformationWeek, we talk about this as ‘IT Without Borders,’ as we see the best IT leaders tearing down traditional borders to help every department leverage technologies such as data analytics, cloud, and mobility. The 2015 InformationWeek Elite 100 spotlights companies at which IT is not only inseparable from every department, it’s pivotal to every customer experience,” said InformationWeek Editor Chris Murphy.


This is InformationWeek’s 27th year identifying and honoring the nation’s most innovative users of information technology. The InformationWeek Elite 100 research tracks the technology-based investments, strategies, and results of some of the best-known organizations in the country. Unique among corporate rankings, the InformationWeek Elite 100 spotlights the power of business technology innovation. The full list can be found on


About PRGX Global, Inc.
Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, PRGX Global, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of accounts payable recovery audit services. With over 1,400 employees, the Company operates and serves clients in more than 30 countries and provides its services to over 75% of the top 20 global retailers. PRGX is also pioneering Profit Discovery, a unique combination of audit, analytics and advisory services that improves client financial performance. For additional information, please visit PRGX at


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