ATLANTA, Jan. 14, 2021 – PRGX Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRGX), a global leader in recovery audit and spend analytics services, announced its recent webinar, “Valuable Use Cases for Enriched Advanced Analytics In S2P,” is now available here.

The amount of data companies store, categorize and analyze grows significantly each year. However, an over-abundance of data can quickly lead to analysis paralysis and make it difficult to capture critical insights and drive process improvements. That is why it is important for data to be properly aggregated, cleaned and classified so auditors can track patterns and anomalies that help them identify and correct spend leakage.

In “Valuable Use Cases for Enriched Advanced Analytics in S2P,” two PRGX data and technology experts discussed how advanced analytics and data enrichment can help companies overcome common source-to-pay challenges. Featuring two real-world use cases, the webinar demonstrates how improved data visibility and fact-based analytics enhance business value and overall results.

“Whether it is applied to factors such as True Net Cost or Days Payable Outstanding, data enrichment and advanced analytics have the power to transform how companies track, categorize and analyze spend data,” said Daniel Ebert, Senior Manager of Analytics for PRGX. “And while spend analytics are helpful on their own, pairing them with a recovery audit or contract compliance program creates new opportunities to identify other potential profit leakage and correct it at its source.”

The webinar, which was hosted on Nov. 4, 2020, is available here.


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PRGX helps companies spot value in their source-to-pay processes that other sophisticated solutions didn’t get to before. Having identified more than 300 common points of leakage, we help companies reach wider, dig deeper, and act faster to get more value out of their source-to-pay data. We pioneered this industry 50 years ago, and today we help clients in more than 30 countries take back $1.2 billion in annual cash flow. It’s why 75% of top global retailers and a third of the largest companies in the Fortune 500 rely on us. For additional information on PRGX, please visit




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