Recovery Audit

We have honed our global leadership and innovation edge during our 40 years in the business.

We believe no other accounts payable recovery audit firm audits more industry leaders in more countries and identifies and recovers more overpayments than PRGX.

In fact, we process, analyze and store an estimated $1.2 trillion in client spend data in our environment and recover over $1 billion annually for our clients around the globe. It’s no surprise, then, that PRGX is one of InformationWeek’s Elite 100 for 2015.

Being a truly global leader also requires ongoing innovation and delivering increasingly higher levels of value.  PRGX was one of the first firms to apply technology-enabled audit techniques, and our innovation continues today.

Global audit methodologies, maturity models that provide clients with a “roadmap” to best-in-class performance, next generation audit concepts, and our Big Data high-performance computing platform which accelerates audits closer, or prior, to the payment , are just a few examples of how PRGX is creating value for clients from their existing recovery audit program.

PRGX provides a host of recovery audit-related capabilities.



Companies with multiple ERP systems, legacy systems, multiple instances of an ERP or even a single global instance of an ERP all have one thing in common: errors. Despite technological advances and proper controls, errors still slip through the cracks.

As the world’s leader in accounts payable recovery audits, PRGX conducts hundreds of accounts payable/disbursement audits each year for industry leaders in over 30 countries. Unlike other firms that focus on simple payment errors, PRGX conducts a comprehensive procure-to-pay recovery audit, starting with an upfront discovery process. The resulting customized audit plan, along with our procure-to-pay data expertise, maximizes identification of overpayments and minimizes client disruptions and resources required, especially IT resources.

We can audit payments on a near real-time basis to identify and recover overpayments quickly, and we also solicit and audit vendor statements for funds owed. When supplier contracts are available, our approach expands to include additional contract compliance audit tests.

Recapture overpayments and other lost profits within days while learning how to avoid the same mistakes in the future by using PRGX as your accounts payable and procure-to-pay recovery audit service provider.


Many retailers and grocers carry between 30,000 and 60,000 SKUs. Managing this vast assortment of product means high transaction volume and complexity. While most transactions are processed accurately, a small percentage of overpayments are inevitable; grocers and certain types of retailers often lose up to $1 million for every $1 billion in sales.

We are the world’s leader in accounts payable recovery audits. PRGX provides recovery audit services to 75% of the top 20 global retailers, plus another 200+ retailers from around the globe. We identify and recover close to $1 billion in over-payments for our retail clients. Our leading-edge Big Data technology platform makes accelerating audits close to transaction a reality. Speed combined with our experienced staff, global delivery capabilities and commitment to innovation uniquely positions PRGX to provide local, regional and global clients with accounts payable recovery audits that deliver high recovery yields and ROI, and less supplier abrasion.

Our retail and grocery clients receive a comprehensive and integrated-yet-customized service that can be configured based on their spend-under-review, business practices, and audit scope including:

Contact us today to learn how you can recover profits lost to leakage due to errors and protect your business from future overpayments.


Spend on taxes, property costs, leases, telecom, and freight are some of the largest expense categories on a company’s income statement. All of these areas of spend are characterized by complex underlying agreements and laws, and intricate billing processes that make them ripe for potential overpayments.

Through a combination of audit specialists and alliance partners, PRGX offers a range of specialty audit services to our clients that allow them to benefit from short-term incremental cash flow and in the longer term, a reduction in ongoing operating costs.


Many companies today are looking for more options in managing their overall audit programs. Self-audit, in particular when enabled by technology, can be an attractive option for all or part of an audit for several reasons. First, self-auditing can improve a company’s visibility into the effectiveness of their own processes and speed the identification of improvement opportunities. Second, accelerated self-audit can reduce the time to audit such that potential duplicate transactions can be identified and corrected before the actual payment goes out. Finally, self-audit can also reduce the overall cost of audit, both over a legacy manual process as well as over an outsourced audit.

PRGX APTrax™ is PRGX’s cloud-hosted self-audit tool that provides end-to-end duplicate payments audit management. Transactions can be loaded daily to enable proactive reviews before payments occurs. Nine proprietary screening algorithms identify potential duplicates. And integrated workflow helps manage the audit work within teams as well as providing visibility from potential duplicate identification through to correction.

Finally, PRGX APTrax also gives companies powerful procure-to-pay (P2P) analytics reporting about their spend and procurement processes. Detailed reporting on invoicing and spend across the company and by vendor can provide visibility not previously available due to multiple ERP systems. And lastly, compliance reports for the supplier master and the overall P2P process can support your overall risk management program.




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