Supplier Information Management

Supplier Information Management is becoming more difficult to manage as the supply chain becomes more complex and demanding.  Supply chain professionals are being held accountable for the actions and practices of their suppliers.  More and timely information from the supplier is being required by government regulations, legal, finance and operations.

Through our PRGX SIM™ platform, we provide a holistic view of a client’s supplier base by providing self-reported information verified by managed services.  We ask over 100 questions ranging from contact to financial information and allow for the client’s specific questions.  We then ensure compliance with sanction monitoring, document verification and proactive notifications.  We work to become a trusted advisor to help you operate your supply chain more efficiently and effectively.

Today’s best supply chains are reducing data inefficiency through effective networks bringing together participants who need to share common data.



Is your supplier data in various systems, hard drives, emails and documents?   PRGX SIM utilizes a single, centralized and secure data repository for all buyer and supplier data and documents. By using the same repository, supplier registration and on-boarding is streamlined, simultaneously reducing cost and risk. And, standardized supplier data can be entered just once and then shared across multiple buying clients.


PRGX SIM makes it easy for you to connect with suppliers and enable them to get on-boarded and compliant, faster.   For both you and your suppliers PRGX SIM centralizes, enriches, credentials and monitors sanction list, data and documents.  PRGX SIM is connected to millions of supplier records from leading supply chain data sources.

PRGX SIM sends automated timely alerts to ensure documents are updated, risks are flagged, and actions are tracked.  Email alerts allow the buyers and suppliers to work in their native environments (emails, ERPs, and more), while obtaining ongoing and actionable information from PRGX SIM.


PRGX SIM is more than just software.

Our world-class SaaS technology platform is supported by dedicated managed service teams with deep supplier management and analytics experience who work with you every step of the way. Your credentialing team visually verifies supplier data and documents- and streamlines supplier on-boarding. And, your dedicated account management team provides continuous and routine support.



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