Contract Compliance

PRGX’s 40-year history has afforded us the insights and experience to build best-in-class audit approaches covering a wide range of contract types.

By applying our resources and capabilities in more than 30 global markets, PRGX has the unique competitive edge of ‘feeling local and acting globally”.

The combination of experts using industry-specific methodologies, unmatched next-generation Big Data technology and “global” resources enables us to maximize the return from your contract compliance investment by focusing on those suppliers and contracts that present the greatest risks. Maximizing your return translates to better financial results, lower risks and insights that can improve supplier contract management and controls moving forward.

We view our client relationships as partnerships. It’s because of this core value that PRGX enjoys long-term client relationships, many of whom have lasted more than 20 years.

Our flexibility and dedication extends to our cost-effective, customizable fee structure that underscores our intrinsic partnership approach to our clients’ business.



The market has changed and so have the stakes. These days, procuring goods, materials and services involves ever-greater complexities and supplier risks that can affect your profits.

Organizations devote time and effort to negotiating complex contracts with their suppliers. But once contracts are in place, it’s easy to neglect them and assume that the organization is getting what it contracted and paid for. Taking a more disciplined, dynamic approach to contract compliance testing will extract the most contract value and help recover any lost profits.

At PRGX, we know supplier contracts inside and out. After all, we’ve reviewed thousands over the past 40+ years. Over time, we’ve observed the more costly errors are related to contractual clauses governing the supplier self-reported data which is often used in financial calculations. These errors can go undetected due to organizational silos, control weaknesses or simply trusting suppliers too enthusiastically. It’s not just possible to mitigate these types of contract risks and maximize supplier performance, it’s essential. Call PRGX today; together, we’ll develop your contract compliance audit strategy to explore the risks and opportunities hidden within your supplier contracts.


The landscape is shifting. Year after year, organizations are devoting greater attention to protecting the strategic value of intellectual property (IP) shared with business partners.

Whether through strategic partnerships, joint ventures or licensing arrangements – IP licensing creates greater risk and reliance on those business partners. It’s essential that you take specific, concrete action to protect the profits that IP can create as you expand your IP portfolio. PRGX is here to protect and enhance the value of your IP, while preserving the integrity of your licensee and other business relationships.

Using a fact-based, data-driven approach, PRGX works with you to understand your licensing and intellectual property strategy, the history of your licensing objectives, and the relationships you’ve carefully cultivated with your licensees. We’ve helped organizations like yours develop successful licensing compliance programs benefiting internal stakeholders, as well as licensees and licensors.

We can help you navigate the changing landscape of IP. Talk to PRGX about your IP ASAP.


While large-scale capital projects are critical to a company’s ability to effectively serve its customers and compete in the marketplace, there are inherently risky. Difficulties with contractors, labor issues, and the proliferation of regulations related to health, safety and environmental matters all increase the risk associated with large capital projects.

PRGX contract compliance audits can play a key role in your overall capital project governance process. A comprehensive contract compliance audit can not only identify and recover overpayments, it can also tell you whether contracts are being executed according to terms, whether the terms are being misinterpreted, and what practices or conditions are standing in the way of savings and compliance. In addition, a CapEX and construction contract compliance audit can provide you with valuable data for upcoming supplier negotiations.

So, let’s talk today about how PRGX’s CapEx and construction contract compliance experts can begin helping you verify compliance, mitigate risk and uncover financial savings in your capital projects portfolio.


How well do you know your channel partners? Your distributors, resellers, integrators, or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are all critical to your success or failure. Why? Their margins are usually tight, competition is high, and they tend to know all the loopholes in your channel governance efforts and related controls, creating an environment that’s highly susceptible to errors or abuse. If your channel partners aren’t managed correctly, they can reduce your profits and worse, damage your brand and reputation.

Combating the gray market isn’t always easy, but an effective management program can help you recover and save significant dollars while enhancing your brand and increasing transparency in the channel. Being armed with better reporting from your channel partners drives smarter, more effective business decisions. Contact us today to discover how PRGX’s contract compliance professionals can tailor a solution that’s right for your business – and your bottom line.



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