Spend Analytics

PRGX currently has an estimated $1.2 trillion of client spend data in our environment from our recovery audit work.

Because we have both a bird’s-eye-view of approximately 350 global clients’ operations while at the same time being immersed in individual clients’ data and processes, we can view client data in new and unique ways. We can provide clients with a view of their own item-level data across time, across business units and geographies. giving us unique insights that they cannot often replicate themselves..

Clients are asking us to use these unique capabilities to solve pressing problems and deliver more value.

Our Product and Spend Analytics offerings provide clients with the insights and visibility to buy better and reduce costs, driving the value created from their recovery audit work to also include cost of goods sold reductions between 2-5% and up to 15% reduction on indirect purchases for specific spend/products analyzed.



Many retailers today struggle to understand the true cost of the products they purchase. While it’s easy to determine the impact of off-invoice funding on product cost, this becomes much more difficult when all supplier funding arrangements must be tied back to individual items in order to calculate the item’s true, dead-net cost and resulting margin.

PRGX is in a unique position to provide visibility into items’ dead-net cost and true margin. As recovery auditors we can correlate and aggregate disparate data sources and use our knowledge of supplier deals, deal systems, and unstructured data such as contracts, buyer/supplier emails, and vendor correspondence to calculate the front and back supplier funding and margin at the item level.

With this visibility, retailers can analyze profitability by product, category, and supplier and use these insights to help negotiate reductions in costs of goods sold.


Every day the retail environment gets more competitive. In the fight to maximize margins, even small variances can translate into millions of dollars in lost profit.


Understanding which promotional program structures are most effective in delivering the greatest sales lift and margins is incredibly valuable in the retail environment.

PRGX can help determine if the “Buy One/Get One Free” offer creates more value than a “Buy Two/Get One Free” promotion for upcoming planning or supplier negotiations.

As recovery auditors, we’re comfortable analyzing and making sense of supplier funding complexities to provide visibility into dead-net costs and true margins at the item-level. Integrating promotional and sales data with the item-level insights means merchandising can now compare the effectiveness of program structures both in terms of sales lift and margin generated by item and market basket analytics. Improving the returns from your promotional programs is one more way PRGX can help.


It is possible to save 10-15% on the costs of indirect goods by implementing strong sourcing strategies. To build effective strategies, you must first understand the spending landscape from a sourcing and procurement perspective, but knowing what is being bought by whom and at what cost can be a data-intensive effort. Most companies are under-resourced for this type of undertaking. As recovery auditors, we’re experts at managing and transforming data into spend insights. In fact, we process over 1 million data files annually – both structured and unstructured data – in all shapes and sizes.

We use a combination of internal and third-party spend analysis tools and resources to gather, cleanse, enrich and classify your spend data based on your own spend taxonomies, or a taxonomy that we can help you develop. We answer the what, who, and how much questions, which lead to lower costs for our clients through savings from sourcing, risk mitigation, compliance, and performance.

We also provide clients with multiple output options giving them the flexibility to receive spend analysis data sets for loading into their own business intelligent tools or one of our solutions.


We help companies improve their working capital – primarily by optimizing payment terms and analyzing payment processes.

PRGX’s fact-based approach combines the client’s data with our deep industry benchmarking and analytical capabilities to provide visibility into current payment terms across suppliers, categories and business units, along with consensus target terms. Our analytics team assists in identifying a company’s specific opportunities at the supplier level in DPO, DIO and DSO and ensures the consistency of best practices across clients’ geographies and divisions. Our analysis helps build consensus among internal stakeholders around a workable, achievable plan. In fact, by improving net days of working capital by five days, a company with $10 billion in annual spend can produce a one-time cash benefit of over $130 million, as well as large recurring savings.



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