Deduction Management

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Manage Deduction Disputes More Efficiently & Accurately

Every year, companies spend countless hours managing deduction disputes and paying back millions they shouldn’t. PRGX’s Deduction Management simplifies the process for large companies and their suppliers, saving money and improving outcomes.

Deduction Management

A Faster, More Efficient Path to Dispute Resolution

Deduction disputes are time-consuming and costly for both suppliers and buyers. Suppliers receive reduced payments with little to no backup for the deductions. The buyers must then piece together backup that may reside in multiple systems — if it exists at all. This labor-intensive, manual process often costs more than it’s worth and has many drawbacks, including:  

  • Significant internal resources are required to support resolutions
  • Millions of dollars are spent on unnecessary repayments
  • Buyer abrasion is created via supply chain interruptions, service level impacts, lost negotiation leverage and reduced rebates/trade funds
  • Management attention is required to oversee escalations
  • Significant costs are incurred to support existing resolution systems

More Than Dollars & Cents

Large Companies and their suppliers go to great lengths to minimize the impact of deduction disputes. It not only affects their bottom line, but also can severely impact their ability to operate on a day-to-day basis.

Profit Losses

Profit Losses

Millions in needless repayments are made in an effort to minimize internal costs and maintain relationships.

Broken Process

Broken Process

Suppliers receive payments with deductions but no backup, resulting in dispute cases, many of which are preventable.

Disparate Systems

Disparate Systems

Lack of visibility and access to all supporting documents and multiple data sources unnecessarily complicate the process.

Vendor Abrasion

Vendor Abrasion

Frequent disputes can lead to supply chain interruptions, lost negotiation leverage, credit holds and more.

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A Single Solution for Clients & Buyers

PRGX Deduction Management streamlines and simplifies the deduction dispute process to save time, resources and money for clients and suppliers.

Client Portal

Centralizes inquiries and disputes into a single tool with custom workflow routing, streamlining the process and providing greater visibility by:

  • Reducing avoidable repayments across many deduction categories
  • Reducing incoming supplier disputes by requiring supplier self service
  • Reducing operational costs of dispute resolutions
  • Reducing manager attention to resolutions
  • Improving supplier relationships

Supplier Portal

Consolidates all required documentation to make workflow more efficient and simplify communication with clients:

  • Reducing operational costs of dispute resolutions
  • Allowing for self service
  • Reducing manager attention to resolutions
  • Providing real-time visibility into the Client’s dispute resolution process
  • Reducing strain on client relationships

Turn to the Industry Leader

For more than 50 years, PRGX has been helping the world’s largest retailers improve their financial performance and manage their risk.


Serve 75% of the top 20 global retailers


Deliver more than $1 billion in net profit


Analyze more than $2 trillion in spend


Create actionable insights from over over 6.2 petabytes of data

Feature-rich Deduction Management Solutions

Get all the capability and features you need for a better, faster, more productive deduction management process.


Buyers can configure a predictable, uniform and scalable process for suppliers to research supporting detail for potential payment disputes or deductions prior to initiating a question, comment or dispute. Our cloud-based solution enables consistent treatment of all suppliers around the globe and gives buyers a single point of control and visibility, reducing overall effort required to manage the resolution processes.


On a micro or a macro level, suppliers can view history and buyer payment behaviors to identify trends and outliers across buyers, categories, regions or other variables. Armed with this data, suppliers can easily identify buyers who are outside of payment compliance and address any process breakdowns.


Buyers submit all necessary and appropriate support for deductions when payment is remitted. The backup is inextricably connected to the payment, providing suppliers with the information they need to evaluate the deduction. If more backup is required, it’s submitted in the same ticket, again connecting it to the original deduction.


All inbound supplier queries can be routed to specified parties throughout the buying organization to ensure speedy resolution. Inbound queries are tracked at the point of input and throughout the resolution process against a complex set of attributes. This drives a robust reporting suite and delivers in-depth root cause analysis to help prevent improper deduction and unnecessary repayments back to suppliers.

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