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Improve Source-to-Pay to Enhance the Bottom Line

In a recent study from Topline Strategy Group, finance professionals indicated that companies are wasting $1.5 billion and 32 million man hours every year due to ineffective procurement processes. PRGX can help identify opportunities to improve procurement practices, delivering efficiency and savings.

Data-Driven Insights for Process Improvement

There’s a significant amount of data in your ERP, accounting and other systems that can help identify opportunities to spend more strategically. The trick is to be able to access and make sense of that data, ultimately turning it into actionable strategies. Only when you do that can you deliver on your core objectives of ensuring transaction accuracy, mitigating risks, and providing proper and timely accounting.

PRGX can help you achieve your objectives by providing detailed insights that help improve controls and lower the cost of operations, clean and enrich data to ensure compliance and mitigate risks. Our services give you the power to deliver greater value to business partners while also delivering the most cost-effective operation.

Business Challenges Faced by Finance & Accounting Today

Disparate Data Systems

Between ERP, purchasing and other systems, the data you need to do your job can exist in lots of different locations. Getting that data to play nice together is a monumental task.

Lacking Tools

Bringing all this data together requires sophisticated data aggregation and analysis tools. Not to mention the expertise to use those tools effectively.

Long-Term Solutions

Even if you get to the bottom of your data, how do you turn it into long-term strategic plans that improve your processes and improve the value to deliver to your organization?

How PRGX Helps

Source-to-Pay Analytics

Purchasing strategies are directly related to the health of the bottom line. We can help uncover powerful insights in your current processes that help you buy more strategically and reduce COGS.

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Recovery Audit

Built to recover overpayments, we’ll help analyze more than 300  potential points of leakage including merchandising, accounts payable and contract compliance.

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Supplier Services

Managing suppliers is critical to a company’s health and success. We’ll help design a supplier data management strategy that can reduce risk, help maintain compliance and improve spend management.

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Advisory Services

Beyond just providing reports on where your company is spending, our consultants deliver strategies that drive inefficiency out of the Source-to-Pay cycle, uncover hidden profits and optimize working capital.

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