Distribution & Logistics

Uncovering the Resources to Stay Competitive

As the pressure to deliver better service at a lower cost increases, process automation continues to improve efficiency and sophistication. It’s critical to have the financial wherewithal to invest in operations to remain competitive. PRGX can help uncover profits and financial resources to keep you at the top of the logistics chain.

Helping to Invest in the Future

Whether your growth plan involves investing in more efficient processes or acquiring additional resources, you need capital to invest in the future. The data experts at PRGX can help identify and release cash trapped in operations, shoring up available resources to invest back into your company.

Challenges for Logistics Companies

Rising Transportation Costs

If it seems like costs go up every day, it’s because they do. With rising fuel costs, increasing wages and growing customer expectations, having a healthy cash flow is mission critical.

Customer Service Demands

Full transparency is the name of the game in customer service. They expect quick delivery, without paying a premium and they want to know the precise location of their goods at any given moment.

Technology Investment

You know that investing in technology will help streamline operations and allow you to grow your business. But the question of how you’ll find that investment is as old as time.

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How PRGX Helps

Cash Chain Optimization

PRGX’s fact-based approach combines data with our deep industry benchmarking and analytical capabilities to provide visibility into current payment terms across suppliers, categories and business units. We’ll uncover optimization opportunities in three key areas:

Days Payable Outstanding
Ensure a long and standard payable cycle while meeting on-time expectations

Days Sales Outstanding
Fulfill orders and achieve payments in the quickest possible manner

Days Inventory Outstanding
Manage inventory to meet demand while minimizing holding and transfer costs

Recovery Audit

Built to recover overpayments, we’ll help analyze more than 300 potential points of leakage including accounts payable and contract compliance.

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Advisory Services

Armed with the right facts and statistics, we regularly help our clients drive inefficiency out of their Source-to-Pay cycle and uncover hidden profits. We also deliver non-software-based services such as Item-Level Cost Harmonization.

  • Source-to-Pay Assessments & Strategy  
  • M&A Services
  • Cash Chain Optimization
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Supplier Information Management

Organize and manage comprehensive supplier information while maximizing supplier engagement and data quality across a global supplier base to minimize risk and increase efficiency.

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Contract Compliance Audit

We can help reduce contractual risks and maximize supplier performance, focusing on the suppliers and contracts that present the greatest risks. You’ll get maximized returns, reduced risk and insights that improve supplier contract management and controls moving forward.

  • Supplier Contracts
  • Capex & Construction
  • Channel
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Licensing Contracts
  • Prepayment Review
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