Improving Supplier Communications

Vendor Portals Improve Supplier Communication

You may think that vendor portals are not much more than repositories for supplier information. If so, you are missing out on the tremendous benefits PRGX’s Supplier Information Management (SIM) solution delivers to improve supplier outreach and communication.

PRGX SIM Drives Connectivity

Companies use vendor portal software to manage their networks of suppliers, keeping supplier information current, validating data, collecting critical documents and keeping track of orders and balances. More than simply a data repository, our SIM solution with vendor portals offers companies a way to communicate with their suppliers securely and quickly.

The Top Ways Supplier Portals Improve Communication

Consolidated Workflow

Giving suppliers a single web interface to update information, upload documents and view orders and balances makes it easier on the supplier and saves them time.

Single Source of Truth

With all communications captured in the portal, it’s easy and seamless to reference data, transactions, receipts or other documents.

Security & Access Control

With a highly-secure environment that grants different levels of access, you and your suppliers can share even the most sensitive information in a safe and efficient manner.

How PRGX Helps

SaaS-Based Communication

PRGX SIM tools allow for faster interaction between your suppliers and you. Self-service functionality gives suppliers a seamless experience. Two-way communication takes place in a highly secure environment, giving all parties controlled access.

Localized Communications

With PRGX SIM, you can localize communications strategies across all locations, ensuring the flexibility and efficiency required for international business environments.

Keeping Supplier Information Updated

Securely communicate, submit sensitive data such as financial and risk profiles, core supplier attributes, various NDAs, vendor contracts, compliance surveys, and similar. Tracking ensures that the data does not age out of compliance.

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