Recovering Overpayments

Recover & Reduce Overpayments

While overpayments are not entirely avoidable, PRGX’s highly skilled auditors can help recover overpayments of .1% - .3% of total spend. By getting to the root cause, you’ll also be able to reduce future overpayments. We’ll analyze more than 300 potential points of leakage, uncovering opportunities to add profit back to the bottom line.

The Power to Recover More, Faster

Although relatively few transactions result in overpayments, the impact of overpayments can be far reaching. Overpayments add up over time, negatively impacting a company’s financial performance, reducing working capital and eroding profits. More than 40 years ago, PRGX recognized an opportunity to help companies recover overpayments and to improve their accounts payable processes, reducing the frequency and scope of overpayments. Today, 75% of the top 20 global retailers turn to PRGX for Recovery Audit services.

The Significant Challenges to Solving Overpayments

Countless Transactions

It takes experience and sophisticated systems to quickly and thoroughly review and analyze thousands, even millions, of transactions.

Complex, Disconnected Data

The information you’re missing could be on a PO, an invoice, buried in someone’s email or just about anywhere else.

Getting to the Root Cause

Until you understand how and why overpayments are occurring, you can’t put a long-term solution in place.

How PRGX Helps

Retail Merchandise Audit

We uncover overpayments across the entire merchandising process including allowances, pricing, freight and more.

Contract Compliance Audit

We focus on the suppliers and contracts that present the greatest risks, maximizing returns, reducing risk and providing insights that improve supplier contract management and controls moving forward.

Accounts Payable Audit

We audit payments on a near real-time basis to identify and recover overpayments quickly and help avoid the same mistakes in the future.

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