Spend Visibility

Get the Critical Visibility Needed to Improve Spend

Before you can improve your spend, it’s critical to understand exactly what you’re spending and in what ways. PRGX can help you analyze your entire Source-to-Pay cycle, with the utmost granularity and precision and then implement spend strategies that lower costs and maximize margins.

Turning Visibility into Value

There is a tremendous amount of spend data spread across your company, buried in various systems. Managing that data and uncovering spend insights is a daunting task. PRGX has the tools and expertise to quickly get to the bottom of your spend — including examining more than 300 potential points of leakage — and leverage the data to improve your spend.

The Critical Issues to Solve for Spend Visibility

What, Exactly, Are You Paying?

Across all geographies, banners, SKUs, promotions, etc. do you really know what you are paying for each and every time?

Can You Get Better Prices?

Effective supplier negotiations require detailed facts and a comprehensive plan of quick-hit and longer-term opportunities.

What Can You Do Better?

Do you truly and completely understand what promotional and merchandising strategies are working the best?

How PRGX Helps

Spend Visibility & Classification

Find the quick hits and develop longer-term strategies that ensure you’re buying the right products at the right price and in the right quantity.

Purchase Price Variance

Create a plan for supplier negotiations, understanding and prioritizing where to get the best and fastest return on negotiations.

True Net Cost

Once we understand what you’re really paying, we leverage historical and industry norms to help negotiate COGS reductions.

Promotional Effectiveness

We’ll create plans for what you should do more of — and less of — in order to maximize sales and margins.

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