Contract Compliance Audit

Some of the most costly overpayment errors are related to contractual clauses governing supplier self-reporting of information used in financial calculations. It’s essential that you mitigate these types of contractual risks and maximize supplier performance. PRGX will help you focus on the suppliers and contracts that present the greatest risks, maximizing your returns, reducing your risk and providing insights that improve supplier contract management and controls moving forward.

Supplier Contracts

Taking a more disciplined, dynamic approach to contract compliance testing will extract the most contract value and help recover lost profits.

Capex & Construction

Identify and recover overpayments and understand whether contracts are being executed according to terms and what practices or conditions are standing in the way of savings and compliance to provide valuable data for upcoming supplier negotiations.


Channel margins are tight, competition is high, and your channel partners often know all the loopholes in your channel governance efforts and controls. This creates an environment highly susceptible to errors and abuse. An effective management program can help you recover and save significant dollars while enhancing your brand and increasing transparency in the channel.

Advertising & Marketing

Complicated compensation terms and frequently shifting programs can lead to errors like duplicate payments, lost credit memos, unrealized rebates, unauthorized charges on invoices, hourly rate errors, overtime calculations, and more. We’ll find the errors and help you correct them.

Licensing Contracts

Whether through strategic partnerships, joint ventures or licensing arrangements, IP licensing creates greater risk and reliance on business partners. PRGX can help you take specific, concrete action that protects IP profits as you expand your IP portfolio.

Prepayment Review

When you prepay for services, it’s critical to carefully reconcile prepayments against actual costs incurred. We match estimated costs versus actuals to make sure you didn’t overpay and are getting the value you deserve.

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