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PRGX Optix™ is a powerful suite of analytics tools that provides actionable, data-enabled insights to facilitate Source-to-Pay business decisions. With real-time insights that support finance, procurement, supply chain, category and merchandising business practices, you can make sense of the vast amounts of data and create true value.

Payment Optix

Create a total payment analytics picture by automatically consolidating large amounts of data from disparate systems. You’ll get more accurate and timely results so you can maximize your AP management opportunities and optimize your working capital. Get insight into:

Days Payment Outstanding

Determine fluctuations in DPO by supplier and assess payment process impact.

Invoice Processing

Identify invoice processing efficiencies by supplier.

Risk Management Analytics

Highlight payment and invoicing anomalies and improve the focus of internal controls programs.

Advanced AP Analytics

Analyze cost improvement opportunities and uncover missed discounts.

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Product Optix

Product Optix gives you the power to increase your negotiating leverage and improve merchandising strategies. With deep data analysis, you can determine true product or item costs, maximize profitability through spend management and streamline your inventory.

Purchase Price Variance (Global Cost Harmonization)

Pay the same for like products across markets and regions.

True Net Cost

 Get visibility into supplier funding and deals that impact what you actually pay on an item-by-item basis or consolidated across categories and vendors.

Global Product Aggregation

Match exact and equivalent products across suppliers, regions and divisions.

Deal/Contract Performance

Monitor what actually happened with negotiated agreements.

Category Performance

Understand what and how you’re spending across entire categories.

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Spend Optix

Effectively leverage and manage spend volumes for optimal buying strategies. We take spend visibility down to the granular level and identify levers that can control costs and manage performance across your supply chain. You can make better decisions when you fully understand your spend.

Spend Category Performance

Understand exactly what you are spending across categories and where you can reduce costs

Commodity Cost Indexing

Make sure you are paying market rate for commodities and that your prices adjust with the market.  

Item Price Variance

Make sure you are paying the same price for like products across all markets and regions.

Spend Under Contract

Understand how much of your spend is under management and/or contract within your procurement organization.

Invoice-Supplier Insights

Compare invoices to understand what you are spending with each supplier and ensure your pricing is consistent.

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