Contract Compliance: An Untapped Opportunity

Contract Compliance: An Untapped Opportunity

Shveta Agarwal, Contract Compliance Senior Audit Manager, US | Rob Brown, Director Supplier Services, The Coca-Cola Company

Jun 6 2019 | 38 mins

Procuring materials and indirect services involves ever-greater complexities in the global supply chain and risks that can impact profits. Organizations devote significant time and effort to negotiating complex supplier contracts, however; once contracts are in place, often customers assume they’re getting the value that they were promised. A disciplined approach to contract compliance testing extracts the greatest business insights and helps recover lost profits.

In the next installment of PRGX’s Retail Webinar Series, learn how PRGX’s Contract Compliance program applies unmatched data mining technologies and specialized global resources to conduct supplier audits and maximize the return on your hard-fought supplier contracts.

Listeners will come away with the understanding of how a comprehensive Contract Compliance audit program can:

  • Be considered a best practice in supplier governance among best-in-class organizations
  • Identify and recover negotiated savings in strategic supplier contracts
  • Provide actionable opportunities for business insights and future cost avoidance

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