PRGX is the world leader in recovery auditing and pioneering a new category of services called Profit Discovery™. We help clients with transaction accuracy, compliance assurance and transaction processing efficiency. Since 1992, we have been helping companies improve their financial performance with insightful information, actionable recommendations, and bottom-line results. Our client portfolio includes most of Canada’s largest retailers and grocers, as well as many leading corporations in other sectors. With strategically located audit centres across Canada, we apply global methods to local practices to ensure the most comprehensive audit and the highest quality of services available. Our Canadian service offerings include:


  • Disbursement and Procurement Reviews
  • Occupancy Cost Reviews
  • Federal and Provincial Sales Tax Recovery Services


Disbursement and Procurement Reviews


The sheer volume and complexity of the accounts payable and procurement environment often results in payment errors, which can amount to meaningful “lost profits.” PRGX detects these errors by performing in-depth analyses of each step of our clients’ transaction processes, from ordering to shipping, receiving, invoicing and payment. Our specialized professionals perform all activities related to each review, including error detection, claims documentation, presentation of claims for client approval, collection of recoveries, and preparation of the final report. The features of a PRGX Disbursement and Procurement review translate into many benefits for our clients, including:


  • Highest level of vendor sensitivity maintains clients’ strong vendor relationships through consistent communication and quality controls
  • Tailored process meets each client’s specifications and schedule
  • Broadest range of recovery categories translates to highest recovery potential
  • Superior technology that includes cutting-edge proprietary audit tools, data security and online claims tracking
  • Results of each review are analyzed and compared to industry benchmarks
  • Management Report that identifies cost containment strategies and process improvement recommendations


Some examples of common claim categories from a Disbursement and Procurement Review:


  • Duplicate Payments
  • Statement Credits
  • Overpayments
  • Wrong Vendor Payments
  • Missed Discounts
  • Purchase Price Variance
  • Supplier Billing Errors
  • Missed Promotional Allowances
  • Advertising Allowances


Occupancy Cost Reviews


Many companies are unable to devote the time needed to detect and correct excessive or erroneous occupancy charges. Even in a well-controlled environment, the complexity of the real estate business can result in billing errors and excessive fees that can cost a company considerable profits. Our experience indicates that approximately 90% of operating expenses charged by landlords contain errors, which if undetected, can amount to millions of dollars in lost profits.


During an Occupancy Cost Review, our team reviews all leases, past correspondence, year-end statements, invoices and accounting records to determine if there is a variance between allowable and actual costs charged. We achieve unmatched results though vast market intelligence, industry knowledge and the understanding of individual landlord practices. Periodic reviews of relevant case law ensure that our recommendations are consistent with current legal rulings. Below are a few of the common Occupancy Cost recovery areas:


  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM)
  • Property Taxes
  • Percentage Rent
  • Capital Expenses or Construction Costs
  • Tenant or Landlord-Specific Costs
  • Consumer Price Index Escalations
  • Percentage Allocation of Costs


Upon the completion of each contract, every client receives a Final Management Report that details the findings of the review and includes actionable recommendations based on industry best practices, which often yield future cost savings.


Federal and Provincial Sales Tax Recovery Services


Every engagement is customized to each client’s specifications and focuses on maximizing recoveries, minimizing disruption, assuring compliance with agreed upon operating guidelines, and exceeding every expectation. There are several advantages enabling PRGX to deliver superior sales tax recovery services:


  • Experience with broad range of retail, commercial and public-sector organizations
  • Specialized tax consultants dedicated to data mining and issue-based reviews
  • Customized web-based claim presentation, validation and status reports
  • Insightful and professionally researched technical advice
  • “Clean sweep” approach that ensures clients benefit from all recovery opportunities
  • Offices throughout Canada to support local initiatives


We study each client’s unique circumstances. In doing so, we identify correct tax amounts and compare them to actual payments, highlighting such overpayments as:


  • Tax Paid on Exempt Purchases
  • Refundable Tax Under-claimed
  • Revenue Related Adjustments Tax Paid at the Wrong Rate
  • Government Audit Assessments
  • National Tax Credits


PRGX clients benefit from these additional services:


  • Evaluation of internal sales tax controls
  • Customized sales tax training sessions
  • Preparation of sales tax ruling requests
  • Complimentary post-review technical advice via toll-free hotline
  • Payroll-related recovery services



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