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Why Procurement Leaders Are Turning to Construction Audits

Why Procurement Leaders Are Turning to Construction Audits

In today’s complex construction landscape, procurement leaders face the challenge of optimizing resources while ensuring projects stay on time, within budget, and meet quality standards. Our construction audits offer a unique value proposition. We go beyond traditional oversight, leveraging our expertise to comprehensively review job costs, preventing overpayments and optimizing resource allocation. Our dedicated construction audit team excels in navigating the intricate interplay of risk, timelines, quality, and costs. With a keen focus on your objectives, our audits deliver not just compliance but strategic insights, empowering procurement leaders to confidently navigate the intricate world of construction, ensuring every project contributes to your organization’s success.

PRGX Construction Services: With you every step of the way

200 + Projects

Impressive Track Record: Over the past 3 years, we’ve audited more than 200 projects and $27 billion in construction costs.

27 Billion Dollars Audited
1 % Savings

Substantial Savings: Our audits consistently result in savings, averaging between 0.25% to 1% of project costs.

We understand the demands and risks working in the complex construction environment.

Our consultants can work with your pre-construction, legal, and project management teams at each stage of your construction project from the preparation of the RFP to the certification of the final invoice.

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We review draft agreements for:

  • Contradictory terms
  • Vague or gray terms
  • Unaddressed/insufficiently addressed risks
  • Opportunities to implement best practices

We also increase cost control by:

  • Auditing labor rates prior to approval in the agreements. We have been able to reduce labor rates by 20% to 50%, reducing general conditions costs by as much as $800k before the project even starts.
  • Auditing insurance markups prior to approval in the agreements. Typically we can reduce insurance markups by 40% to 75%.
  • Adding terms in agreements to control use of allowances and contingency, prevent them from unintended use.
  • Validating any cost assumptions used by Developers, General Contractors and their Subcontractors.
Project TypesContract Types
Retail store retrofitsGMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price)
New retail store buildsCMAR (Construction Manager At Risk)
Hotel constructionLump sum agreements
Hospital constructionTenant Improvement agreements
University campus projectsLease agreements
Corporate campus projects
Distribution network construction
Airport projects
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