What retailer wouldn’t want a

reduction to their repayments?


Chat with suppliers and resolve issues fast

Using a familiar chat interface, Supplier Connect makes it a snap to work with your partners and solve payment disputes together. By bringing inquiries, disputes, documentation and communication under one powerful portal, we streamline the process so you and your suppliers can quickly find satisfying resolutions to disputes.


Track issues and always know the real story behind every one

By digitally linking every piece of documentation with its corresponding inquiry or dispute, we ensure both you and your suppliers have instant access to all the info behind every payment decision. That means better accuracy, too, saving you money by reducing erroneous repayments.


Boost productivity with time-saving AI and focus your team on what counts

Comprehensive dashboards pull all your data together in one place, making it simple to get a bird’s-eye view or dig deep on underlying trends. And because our AI assistant can automate simple tasks and supplier support, your payment team will have a lot more time for more impactful work.

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Learn exactly how Supplier Connect can you time, save you money and build better relationships with your partners.