Merchandise Analytics

Deep-dive analysis of product and vendor performance for healthier margins

PRGX Margin Insight™ drives new insights into product and vendor performance, defines data-driven targets and measures effectiveness.

PRGX Margin Insight™ drives new insights into product and vendor performance, defines data-driven targets and measures effectiveness.

A comprehensive approach with whole business health benefits

Improved margins

Uncovering insights into cost and funding across retail categories that go beyond traditional merchandise recovery audits, revealing new opportunities for margin growth, including accurately applying promotional funding to products, vendors and categories.

Understand true net costs

By securely bringing together the data provided for Retail Merchandise Recovery Audits — from funding agreements and promotions to requisitions, payments and pricing — our platform provides true net cost analytics, in a way that’s purpose built for retail customers.

Low touch, fast returns

Because our dashboard uses the promotions, pricing, vendor, and accounts payable data already gathered in the audit cycle, a fast return on investment is guaranteed.

Margin Insight Delivers Product & Vendor Insights

As part of LumenTM Advanced Analytics, Margin Insight delivers business intelligence to category managers.

Key features

Margin Insight

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Performance Visibility

View into overall performance Sales, COGS, Funding and Net Margin

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YOY Comparison

Measure performance to previous year or period

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Category Review

Comparison of supplier's performance against category peers

Supplier Score Card

Supplier performance and comparison to history

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Cost Change Impact

What is the value of a cost increase/decrease using historic volume

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Trend Analysis

What category/items are increasing in demand and which are decreasing

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Promotional Evaluation

What is the mix between regular sales and promotional sales YOY

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Relative Change

Change in Funding or Net Margin based on historic baseline rates

Why work with PRGX?

Putting S2P data at the heart of healthy retail businesses

We believe S2P data is packed full of insights that can benefit the health of the whole business. From the big picture across departments to the critical details within the supply chain, it’s where you can find all the information you need to create healthier processes, relationships and margins — and we have the experience, technology and expertise to help you unlock it.

Powerful insights, easy to use interface

As global leaders in recovery audits, we know the data and review processes required to convert insights into results. With this knowledge, we’ve designed the Lumen™ interface to support end-users in exploiting new opportunities, from automated reports that make it easy to pinpoint precisely where action is needed, to tracking overall value generated for the business.