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With offices across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia, our expert team helps clients in more than 30 countries take back $1.4 billion in annual cash flow.

With offices across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia, our expert team helps clients in more than 30 countries take back $1.4 billion in annual cash flow.

Get More Clarity and Value Out of Your Transactional Data

With unmatched experience and expertise in recovery audit and data analysis, we help our clients improve performance across all variables in the source-to-pay process.

We can quickly and securely aggregate large volumes of complex data from disparate sources, apply data intelligence solutions to the data to uncover actionable insights, and implement strategies to help improve processes, supplier relationships and margins.

"We had just established Global Business Services five years ago, and I believe working with PRGX was an excellent way to assess where we stood in terms of our procure-to-pay processes. We had doubts about whether we were paying correctly, if there were any overpayments to suppliers, or if we were missing out on any cash. So, it was truly an excellent project for this purpose, to launch Global Business Services.

Cash recovery is crucial today; it's the group's primary objective to enhance cash flow. Therefore, this project was a fundamental part of our goal. Besides the aspect of pure cash recovery, it also helped significantly improve the supplier base. There were many missing data, incorrect emails, and contacts that needed refinement, and we were able to truly enhance our supplier base.

No, I don't think we could have recovered these additional amounts without this project. Given its success fees, I believe it's very efficient, and I really emphasize that it has improved our processes significantly. Essentially, many credit notes with suppliers had been overlooked."

“We’ve been in this relationship with PRGX for 20 years. Having a third party that understands all those different systems and can help get things corrected and point out those issues timely has been pretty valuable to us.”

”Working in partnership with PRGX has helped me transition from a back-office function to a value-added partner at Southeastern Grocers.”

"Collaboration between the British Retail Consortium and marks a dynamic synergy that extends beyond traditional business partnerships. With our shared commitment to excellence, data-driven insights, and innovation, we are reshaping the future of retail. This alliance embodies a vision of a stronger, more efficient, and customer-centric retail industry. Together, we are poised to make a lasting impact that transcends industry standards and delivers value to all stakeholders."

"We are excited about the 'one-stop-shop' for all our disputes/claims/questions."

"It streamlines our internal resolution process."

"We’ve seen an improved turnaround time on our typical dispute processes."

"System moves great, it’s very user-friendly!"

Our Values


We are a global community that believes we are strongest when we work and win together. We are One PRGX.

We Deliver Results

We go above and beyond to delight our clients and respect one another.

We Care

We are committed to our work, our clients, our colleagues and our communities.

Our Work Matters

The work we do makes a difference. We are agile and innovate to deliver unique and sustainable value.

Careers at PRGX

Operating in more than 30 countries across a myriad of industries, we’re committed to maintaining a global, diverse workforce with ample opportunities for growth and development.

Student Placements at PRGX

In partnership with universities in the UK, we’ve established the Student Placement Program. As Placement Analysts, these students work side-by-side with seasoned PRGX employees to assist with implementing Recovery Audit programs for our clients.