Contract compliance

Emphasize prevention to shape smarter processes

Enhance supplier relationships and maximize the value of your contracts—past, present, and future—with our industry-leading expertise in proactive contract compliance services.

Enhance supplier relationships and maximize the value of your contracts—past, present, and future—with our industry-leading expertise in proactive contract compliance services.


At PRGX, we prioritize client-supplier relationships while uncovering opportunities within contracts to drive profit recovery, and improve processes that deliver future cost savings.

Our industry-leading methodology emphasizes root cause insights that maximize benefits while minimizing supplier abrasion. With experienced auditors powered by secure, next-gen technology, we meticulously review your contracts to pinpoint areas for improvement and value. We work alongside you to implement practical solutions that drive long-term gains and enhance the overall health of your business.

With PRGX, you’ll gain insights, opportunities, and improved processes that lead to increased profitability and sustainable growth.

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Internal Audit

What is Contract Compliance?

Jim Albrecht, VP Contract Compliance Audit Operations, provides an overview of PRGX Contract Compliance Services and how it delivers vital working capital and root-cause insights to the business.

What Sets PRGX Contract Compliance Apart?
Our Dual Methodologies

Billing Compliance Audit Services: Lower touch, quicker results

A Billing Compliance Audit compares detailed purchase orders to submitted invoices at line-item detail to ensure agreed-upon terms and conditions are being met. At the same time, broad-based analysis of all commercial elements contained within contracts, including pricing, rebates and allowances, leaves no benefit unrealized.

Supplier Contract Audit Services: Deep and broad, maximum value and excellent insights

Typically applied to your most high-risk, complex contracts with higher spend volumes, a Supplier Contract Audit not only identifies and uncovers value but provides significant insights into how your contracts are being operationalized.

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ElementsBilling Compliance AuditSupplier Contract Audit
Data Audited - PrimaryClientSupplier
Targeted SuppliersQuality in-house line-item data exists - Typically, direct spendHigh complexity/spend contracts and/or Quality in-house data doesn't exist - Typically indirect spend
Annual Supplier CoverageTypically, 50 to 100+Typically, 10 to 25+
Testing FocusPricing, rebates, allowancesAll material financial exposures
Range of Recoveries.25% to 1%.5% to 5%
Formally Announced AuditNeverAlways
Supplier InteractionLimitedRecurring & direct
Client InvolvementLighter touchKey governance and settlement roles
Pricing StructureAnnual programIndividual supplier

“You and your team were very helpful in this process. We appreciate your efficiency, and you were very easy to work with.“

Supplier’s Feedback After Working with PRGX Contract Compliance

A comprehensive approach with whole business health benefits

Preventive insights

We address the root cause of errors, preventing them from happening again. Our insights help to create a culture of audit oversight, improving transparency throughout the ecosystem.

Healthier margins

Funded by the recovery opportunities discovered — ranging from .25% to 5% — we’ll address your purchase-related commercial terms to return profit to the bottom line and identify future cost savings.

Stronger relationships

We know that the real value in source-to-pay operations exists in supplier relationships, so we prioritize striking a careful balance between strengthening these connections with recovering profits.

How is Contract Compliance like a health check?

Angie Holsen, Regional VP, explains how PRGX helps deliver value for clients while strengthening relationships with suppliers.

Why work with PRGX?

Experts at managing relationships, risk and recovery

We’ve worked with the world’s largest suppliers and know the value of good relationships. Our vendor-sensitive delivery approach means we work transparently with suppliers to identify improvements in compliance, smooth out discrepancies and recover revenue, whilst taking care of the relationship.

An industry leader for 50 years and counting

An industry leader with a track record spanning 50 years, we’ll do the heavy lifting on behalf of your procurement team to deep-dive on contract and billing compliance services and deliver actionable insights other providers might miss. The resulting recommendations will enable your organization to reap the immediate benefits of recovered profits and the long-term health benefits of stronger processes.