Shaping Whole Business Health

We believe to make a healthy business, thriving organizations need to take a holistic approach to performance, recognizing that data insights, processes and relationships all contribute to better margins and the strength of the entire business.

Sitting at the core of the business, procurement and finance have the unique ability to see the big picture and the smaller details, across departments and the supply chain.

PRGX empowers customers to leverage this advantage, helping to unlock incremental value from data across the ecosystem, impacting the health of the whole business.

Insightful analytics

Resilient businesses have data in their DNA. And it’s unlocking the value in that information, through deep data, consulting expertise, and advanced technology, that is critical to growing a robust business.

Smarter processes

High-performing businesses are proactive, always looking ahead to prepare for new challenges, taking the right preventive measures to avoid existing ones, and constantly alert for new opportunities. PRGX identifies the root cause of issues experienced today, and then optimizes source-to-pay (S2P) cycles from start to finish to find — fueling the possibilities of the future.

Stronger relationships

Healthy businesses understand and appreciate the value of supplier relationships. PRGX’s approach not only maintains these relationships, but carefully balances nurturing them with recovering profit and never puts them at risk to recover short-term profit.

Healthier margins

Dynamic businesses recognize the value that can be hidden in their data from across the ecosystem. PRGX is able to leverage that to increase cash flow, recover more profit, and achieve better margins, for both immediate wins and long-term gains.

A Global Leader 
Making a 
Global Impact

PRGX is the global leader in source-to-pay analytics and margin expansion. PRGX empowers clients in more than 30 countries with the business intelligence to recover $1.4 billion in annual cash flow — putting S2P analytics at the heart of business health.

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