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Commercial Compliance Audits: From Reactive To Proactive

Commercial Compliance Audits: From Reactive To Proactive

Historical cash recovery has been a core benefit of contract compliance audits for as long as they’ve existed. But the most astute companies are now demanding more.

As good as traditional audits are at identifying recoveries, the value they can realize is only ever a percentage of what’s been lost. And the longer the timescale between transaction and recovery claim, the more challenging recoveries become.

By moving to proactive methodologies, businesses can stop cash from going out of the door – vastly increasing savings made versus the proportional amounts that retrospective approaches deliver.

In this e-book, we’ll look at the new capabilities that are shaping today’s commercial compliance audits, and explain how businesses can shift from catching the drips to stopping the leaks with a more informed, data-led audit process.

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