Internal Audit

Drive Efficiency & Profitability

Uncovering internal inefficiencies and developing strategies for improvement and oversight requires a deep dive into your company’s data and processes. We help you reach wider, dig deeper and act faster by pulling together massive amounts of data from various systems to drive process improvement and profitability.

See What You’ve Been Missing™

Ensure Overall Operational Improvement

Tasked with assessing enterprise risk and ensuring a sound system of management oversight and internal controls, even the most diligent internal audit teams need a partner that can provide a fresh perspective on critical issues. Our solutions help you spot additional opportunity, leading to improved operations and hidden profit to drive future initiatives.

Face Internal Audit Challenges Head-On

Small Mistakes, Large Losses

Even if you process 99.9% of all transactions properly, the remaining .1% can lead to a large profit loss. We not only provide that extra set of eyes to efficiently identify and recover those hard-to-spot transactions, we also partner with you as an extension of your internal audit team to help implement best practices to mitigate risk in the future.

Exceptions, Exceptions

When numbers don’t add up, you must figure out why, how to fix it and ensure it doesn’t happen again – even when you lack access to the historical information you need. Using a secure technology-enabled approach, we quickly pull together and analyze large amounts of data from various systems, minimizing these exceptions and their associated risks.

More Expected, Less Resources

Internal audit teams are tasked with generating more value with less resources. Working as an extension of your team, we provide the extra resources and deep expertise needed to increase your output and deliver tangible results.

How PRGX Helps

Accounts Payable Recovery Audit

Built to identify and recover overpayments, our proven process analyzes more than 300 potential points of leakage to help you recover hidden profit and minimize future risks.

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Contract Compliance

Because no two contracts are the same, we diligently analyze the nuances of your existing contracts to help ensure conditions are met and operations remain compliant.

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Advanced Analytics

We dig deeper than traditional recovery audits, delivering strategies that spot the inefficiencies in your source-to-pay cycle, uncover hidden profit and optimize your working capital.

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Technology-Enabled Platform

Protecting highly sensitive client data

We utilize a unique technology triad, comprised of our Verigon® Solution Suite, Epiphany Data Foundation™, and Panoptic™ Compliance Audit Platform, that enables our specialized teams to efficiently and securely perform a variety of audits – to help you uncover value in your processes. Our proprietary platform, the Verigon® Solution Suite, rapidly takes in huge volumes of transaction data from accounting, ERP, procurement and other systems. Once captured and streamlined, data is housed in our Epiphany Data Foundation™- the foundation of our recovery audit, contract compliance and advanced analytics solutions. At the same time, enjoy complete visibility into the audit process and fund recovery via our Panoptic™ Compliance Audit Platform.

To help keep our client data secure, our technology maintains the privacy, integrity and controlled use of confidential information, including personally identifiable information through a combination of hardware, software and physical security, coupled with strong internal data security processes, procedures and controls that meet or exceed relevant laws, regulations and industry best practices.

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