Limiting Risk in AP During a Crisis

Limiting Risk in AP During a Crisis

Angie Holsen, Sr Director Client Relations, PRGX

May 14 2020 | 20 mins

If eight weeks ago anyone had said we would all drop everything and that about 90% of office operations would start working from home you would have never believed them. However, many businesses are now adapting to the fine balance of mitigating risk and growing revenue in a situation that most likely had not planned for. So what are companies doing to limit risk in this quick shift to our new normal?

In this webinar, attendees will learn more about what other businesses are doing to protect their companies from loss. This webinar will also address questions around how organizations can drive your recovery during and after COVID-19, including managing governance reviews, re-establishing processes that may have had temporary fixes and tips for projects under-utilized staff could pick-up immediately. Finally, our experts will also discuss options for profit recovery in 2020 and the best way to work with suppliers.

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