Commercial Compliance Audits: From Reactive To Proactive

Led by the PRGX Contract Compliance team, this insightful resource delves into the ways a best-in-class contract compliance program has evolved from a retrospective exercise to a proactive strategy aimed at preventing profit leakage before it occurs.

Key Insights:

  • The Evolution of Contract Compliance: Discover how businesses are moving away from traditional, retrospective audits to proactive methodologies that identify and mitigate root causes of billing and overpayment errors.
  • Proactive Methodologies: Explore five essential methodologies for proactively identifying and mitigating the root causes of profit leakage, including pre-event audits, diagnostic analysis, accelerated audits, real-time audits, and specific-risk analysis.
  • Success Story: Read a real-world case study of how a proactive contract compliance program helped an organization save over $11 million.