How SEG Wins With Margin Insight™

How SEG Wins With Margin Insight™

In a changing retail environment, competitive grocery merchandisers are making bold strides to strengthen commercial offerings to meet the diverse needs of today’s consumers, delivering both value and premium products, in-store and online. To do this among rising inflation, supplier costs and funding complexity, it’s critical for grocery merchandisers to see the true cost of goods to protect margins. But with such complex data, across systems and regions, seeing the full picture for many grocery retailers is easier said than done.

As Director FP&A at Southeastern Grocers, Josh Beaupre’s responsibilities include overseeing billions of dollars annually in sales and budgets. SEG makes sure their team has the tools to succeed. That’s why Southeastern Grocers uses PRGX Margin Insight.

It is critical to accurately apply all funding elements to each individual product, vendor and category. Margin Insight integrates complex data into a unified view, providing the granular visibility retailers need into product and vendor performance.

Rising inflation, supplier costs and consumer needs have made it even more critical for grocers to gain full visibility of data and see the true cost of products to strengthen margins. PRGX Margin Insight empowers grocery merchandisers with granular supplier profitability intelligence to achieve true clarity for negotiations and growth.

PRGX leverages our SaaS data intelligence platform and 50+ years of industry learnings from retailers around the world to help you.

For more information on the power of this single source of truth for retailers and their suppliers, read our latest whitepaper: “Optimizing Grocery Profitability: The Power of True Net Cost Data Intelligence.”

To learn more about Margin Insight, you can read more here.

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