What is Contract Compliance?

What is Contract Compliance?

Keith Hosmer, PRGX Sr. Audit Manager, provides an overview of the PRGX contract compliance solution and how it can benefit companies across all industries, returning value back to your bottom line by making sure the deal you negotiated is the deal you received.

Hear Keith Hosmer explain why supplier relationships are strategic and critical to business operations and how program value can be maximized by identifying gaps in compliance. PRGX works with suppliers to recover overpayments, leading to future cost savings of up to five times the amount of historical recoveries.


What is the goal of Contract Compliance?

The goal of contract compliance is to ensure your suppliers are billing in accordance with the negotiated contract terms and conditions. As supplier relationships are critical to business operations, it is important to use a proven and trusted partner to execute audits, minimize risk and maximize the value brought back to a company’s bottom line.




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