What is Retail Merchandise Recovery Audit?

What is Retail Merchandise Recovery Audit?

Mark Irwin, PRGX VP of Audit Operations for UK and Europe, provides a quick overview of the PRGX retail merchandise recovery audit solution.

With ever-evolving products and supply chains, retailers face a vast and complex data environment to manage. The pressure to manage that environment can squeeze margins and create circumstances where profit leakage can occur.

What is the goal of a PRGX retail merchandise recovery audit?

A PRGX retail merchandise recovery audit reviews commercial activities, contracts and other agreements with suppliers to identify discrepancies between what was negotiated and agreed upon and what actually happened, then recover any resulting lost profit. The recovery audit process also provides valuable insight into the reasons for those errors to help prevent future leakage from occurring. By combining proven expertise with a proprietary technology-enabled approach, PRGX can quickly, effectively and securely audit huge volumes of data and deliver bottom-line results.



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